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Writers Retreat

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Robyn Scott
Explorer Hotel

Dive deep into a writer’s world at the first NorthWords NWT Writers Retreat. This all-day event will feature published authors who will share their trade secrets to help you navigate the world of writing. Join NorthWords and guest authors Waubgeshig Rice, Carol Rose GoldenEagle, Richard Van Camp, Ivan Coyote, Helen Knott, and Brandon Wint for a full-day retreat designed to inspire and educate participants on various aspects of writing and publishing. From crafting compelling narratives to understanding the complexities of the publishing industry, our guest authors will provide valuable insights and practical advice. Whether you're just starting your writing journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to learn from experienced writers, network with peers, and gain the inspiration you need to move forward. Join us for a day of learning, inspiration, and creative growth!

$75 ($50 for members), lunch included


10:00 AM - Welcome Gathering

Join us for a warm welcome with tea and coffee at the hotel. Each participant and guest author will introduce themselves, sharing their background and relationship with writing.

10:30 AM - Sharing Stories

Guest authors will deliver a unique 10-minute talk, akin to a mini keynote, sharing their experiences and insights to inspire and engage aspiring writers from our northern community. Whether meticulously planned or spontaneously delivered, these talks are designed to offer insights, encouragement, and a personal touch, reflecting the diverse experiences that shape a writer's life. Topics are chosen by the speakers and can range from personal narratives to professional advice.

11:30 AM - Table Talk Sessions

Join us for intimate "Table Talk" discussions at our writers retreat, where participants can delve into specific topics related to writing. Each table will cover a unique theme, offering a 30-minute focused discussion. The topics will include:

  • Navigating the Financial Landscape of Writing:  Talk about the business of writing, including securing grants, benefiting from residencies, and diversifying income sources. This discussion will provide practical advice on managing contracts and maximizing earnings as a writer, helping you understand the financial fundamentals crucial for a sustainable writing career.
  • Engaging Your Readers: Effective Strategies for Building Lasting Relationships: This panel will discuss key strategies for authors to connect with their readers and build loyalty. Topics will include developing a resonant personal brand, using social media for meaningful interactions, creating engaging content such as blogs and newsletters, organizing reader events, and managing feedback to strengthen community ties.
  • Finding Your People: The Role of Mentorship and Community in Writing:  Discuss the importance of mentorship and community support for emerging writers. Learn how to find mentorship opportunities, the benefits of cross-generational exchanges, and techniques for building supportive writing communities, whether through local groups, virtual workshops, or community-based publishing.
  • Getting the Words Out: Overcoming Writer’s Block and Maintaining Productivity:  Share tips and personal experiences on overcoming writer’s block and maintaining productivity. This session will focus on strategies for keeping the words flowing, setting realistic writing goals, and staying motivated through challenging phases of the writing process.
  • Creative Character and World-Building in Fiction and Nonfiction:  Dive into the essentials of crafting compelling settings and characters, applicable to both fiction and nonfiction. Gain insights on researching and integrating details that vividly bring your settings to life and make your characters resonate with readers.
  • Navigating the Publishing World:  Gain insights into the publishing industry, particularly for northern and Indigenous authors. Discuss finding the right agents, choosing editors, dealing with publishers, and exploring self-publishing options. This discussion will help demystify the publishing process and offer strategies for successfully navigating it.

These sessions are designed to be participatory and enriching, providing you with practical insights and a platform to share experiences with fellow writers.

12:00 PM - Lunch Break

Time to rest and recharge with a delicious lunch served by the Explorer Hotel,

1:00 PM - Table Talks (Part 2)

We will return to our Table Talks for three more 30-minute sessions. Continue the enriching discussions with new topics or deeper dives into morning subjects.

2:30 PM - Short Break

A brief interlude to refresh and prepare for the next session.

2:45 PM - Mini-Creative Writing Workshop

Led by a guest author, this one-hour session combines instruction with practical writing exercises. Participants will receive guidance, engage in writing activities, and share their work in a supportive setting. Designed for both new and experienced writers, this workshop provides valuable insights to improve your craft. We encourage all attendees, including our guest authors, to join and enrich this creative exchange.

3:45 PM - Wrap-Up Gathering

A final gathering to express our gratitude, exchange farewells, and look forward to future collaborations.

4:00 PM - End of Retreat