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Storytelling with Shé & Jo

Shé & Jo
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Shé & Jo
Yellowknife Visitor Centre
Shé & Jo

Family-friendly tales in French & English.

Shéhérazade & Joséphine are two story-catchers and story-gardeners who arrived in the North about sixty moons ago combined. 

Before meeting in Yellowknife, they eagerly listened to stories and tales from different places, fascinated by the keys they offer to make sense of the world. When they realized they inherited the same passion for the magic of words, they decided to team up and reclaim the oral tradition of their inspiring grand-mothers. They now share back some of the fantastic words, stories and oral lore passed over generations.

As they say, the oral sharing of a story is "a butterfly kiss that sends ripples across time and space". Join them for a storytime performance and embrace some of the characters, adventures, landscapes, and eras they have up their memory for you! They tell stories in amusing and accessible Franglais/Frenglish. Their tales are for kids of all ages, including the little one hiding in each of us.