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Sarah Kalnay-Watson

Sarah Kalnay-Watson

Co-author of the children's book If the Northern Lights Could Speak, Sarah Kalnay-Watson has been creating art since the moment she could pick up items to express herself with.  From painting, to writing, working with flowers, to filmmaking, the self-taught artist just needs to be using her imagination.

She started her journey into the world of imagination through acrylic painting and ceramics, and as she developed her skills moved into the mediums of watercolours and mixed mediums for her paintings.

Paint is not the only art that Sarah uses paper for – she is a writer and a creator of paper flowers used for ornaments and floral arrangements themselves.  She does not limit her floral creations to that of paper, but silk  and living arrangements as well.

For an even bigger real life experience in art, Sarah did her post-secondary education in film, which she continued all the way in Scotland at the Screen Academy.  Having stories come to life on screen is one of Sarah’s favourite mediums as she enjoys the collaboration that filmmaking offers, and has worked on short films and feature films alike.