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Board of Directors

Being a member of our Board of Directors provides an exciting opportunity to shape the landscape for emerging and established Northern writers in the NWT. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall objectives, interests, strategic goals and program operations of NorthWords NWT. The Board is responsible for staffing the roles of Executive Director to manage all NorthWords NWT affairs and an Event Coordinator to assist in the facilitation of our annual festival. The Board meets on a monthly basis to plan NorthWords NWT events and provide any necessary direction and assistance to the Executive Director. NorthWords NWT holds its Annual General Meeting in the fall, during which a new board is selected.

If you are interested in joining the board, please contact us at

Robyn Scott



Robyn Scott (she/her) is a Fine Arts teacher, painter, illustrator, and poet who has called Yellowknife home since 2007. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, she holds degrees from both St. Mary’s University in Halifax, NS and the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, PE. When she is not teaching or painting, she is busy in her role as president of NorthWords NWT, a non-… Read full bio

Amber Henry

Vice President


Amber Henry (she/her) joined the NorthWords NWT board in 2022.  Having participated in many past festivals and felt newly energized with each one, Amber knew it was time to help NorthWords NWT continue their contributions to the literary community.As an author and publisher herself, Amber passionately believes that NorthWords NWT plays an influential role in inspiring and supporting the… Read full bio

Paul McKee


Paul McKee (he/him) is a long-time NorthWords NWT attendee and poetry presenter.  He brings decades of organizational experience to NorthWords NWT board, and volunteers extensively throughout Yellowknife.  As a member of Pandemic Poets, his work has been displayed at the Yellowknife Public Library and has been published on-line several times.  Paul frequently takes part in… Read full bio

Megan Wood


As many Yellowknife stories go, Megan Wood (she/her) moved to Yellowknife in 2015 for one year; nearly a decade later, she is still here! Her day-to-day work is in the field of Mental Wellness and Addiction Recovery, but when not working, she can be found playing with her two daughters and engaging in her many hobbies (like writing!). She enjoys volunteering in the community in various capacities… Read full bio

Elaine Gillespie


Elaine Gillespie (she/her) has been an enthusiastic Northwords board member since 2022. She writes poetry and prose for fun and therapy, and has enjoyed performing her work at open mic events since she first shared her work on stage at one fateful Northwords writers festival in 2016. She has been working in the north for over 20 years as an engineer, which has allowed her to travel to many… Read full bio

Grace Guy


Grace Guy (she/her) was born and raised in Yellowknife. You may recognize her from around town—whether it be her work as the Museum Manager for the Yellowknife Historical Museum, her book review column in the Yellowknifer, her work with Yellowknife Books, or her role as a NorthWords NWT board member, Grace is always looking for new ways to promote reading and writing in the North. Grace completed… Read full bio

Violet Fodor


Violet Fodor (she/her) is an artist living in Yellowknife with a passion for writing. She draws inspiration from the northern landscape and hopes to contribute to helping Northern writing flourish. 

Miranda Booth


Cheryl Bronstein