Northern Wildflower by Catherine Lafferty




This is the story of how a young northern girl picked herself up out of the rough and polished herself off like the diamond that she is in the land of the midnight sun.

Northern Wildflower is the beautifully written and powerful memoir of Catherine Lafferty. With startling honesty and a distinct voice, Lafferty tells her story of being a Dene woman growing up in Canada’s North and her struggles with intergenerational trauma, discrimination, poverty, addiction, love, and loss.

Focusing on the importance of family ties, education, spiritualism, cultural identity, health, happiness, and the courage to speak the truth, Lafferty’s words bring cultural awareness and relativity to Indigenous and non-Indigenous readers alike, giving insight into the real issues many Indigenous women face and dispelling misconceptions about what life in the North is like. (From Fernwood Publishing). Release date September 2018

2018 Festival Photos

Group discussion
Cherie Dimaline signing her book at the Kalemi Dene School in N”Dilo.
Kim Fahner at Sir John Franklin High School Yellowknife


Terry Fallis and Kim Fahner in Fort Smith
Terry Fallis and Kim Fahner at Tebacha College Fort Smith




Rebecca Hendry, Gail Cry, Terry Fallis et al at the Wildcat Cafe.