Kayla Tulugarjuk – The Moon is Staring Back

The Moon is Staring Back

Kayla Tulugarjuk

Once there was a child in love with the moon, so fully enchanted by the dim beauty it possessed. She was convinced that there was no way her affections would be successful; her endeavours were futile, and future painful if filled with the quest of acceptance from such greatness. Maybe she cared so deeply for the moon because of its constant presence. Her father always said to her that the skies held the answers to everything, and connected every man on earth for we all see the same stars. He said that though he’d be gone; they’d still be together in this way. Even her mother’s passing meant nothing, for she too was in the constellations watching over those she loved, and was present in the skies studied by the girl each night. To her, the sky was filled with the manifestation of those she cared for, those departed and the moon was their silent protector. So vibrant shone the moon’s rays in the darkness, illuminating even the most frightful evenings, shining down onto the murky black depths of ocean below. The moon would bring her father to safety and ensure he wasn’t lost at sea.

The ocean struck fear into her heart at the sight of it, unbecoming against the safety the land provided- unwilling to let go of the claimed rocky beaches. She stayed away from the water at any given chance. And yet, the sea, so great and powerful was at the mercy of the very skies she cherished. The ocean would tremble in fear and twice daily retract its deadly grip on the bay beside her home, and twice daily she, a girl of little meaning was provided with rich and succulent foods from the depths of the water. Because of this, the child knew she too was adored. Maybe that’s how her infatuation started, a lonely girl in search of a connection to another being. The moon provided assurance and solace in dark times, a reminder of home and love she lacked.

Every night, no matter the condition she’d sit on her porch in front of her home. Staring at the reflection of the moon on the shimmering ocean, the child would attempt to will her father back home. The water was cruel and merciless, cold both to the touch and by nature; the sea did not care if your life was meant to be over. It took the life of the girl’s mother years back, quick and fast and too soon. Her father ignored her pl

eas to leave the water’s edge tainted with the memories of the past. He may have been reluctant to leave the house that he and his wife built together so many years ago.

Every night she’d watch the darkness tenderly enclose the sky, only to be filled with the light of thousands of other suns- but none as bright or large as the gentle face of the moon. She grew to love the night, though she knew that the only reason the moon glowed so bright was because it too stole life and strength from the sun each day. In a way this made the moon even more striking, for against all odds the moon prospered and because of that, so would the girl.

Her heart yearned to be as strong and endless as the glory of the midnight sun, as stable and pure as the silvery off-white iridescence that her world was basked in from dusk to dawn. She too wanted to be the reason her father was safe, alive and well. The child wanted so much; a new life, one free of the wretched water and with the constant presence of a real live parent and not some nanny who barely cared in the first place. She wished for the strength the moon owned, so subtle and potent that the very world changed for its protector in the sky.

Above her, every night the phases of the moon completed with endless cycle as if to say “you too shall change and grow, young one.”  and with that in mind, the girl continued on her life.



kayla Kayla Tulugarjuk is a 17 year old from Igloolik and a grade 12 student at PW Kaeser High School in Ft Smith. She enjoys writing and has her own blog. Her writing goal is to avoid stereotypes and step outside the norm. She feels strongly about social injustice and wants to give voice to the stories that are left untold. Her favourite writer is Stephen King.