Schedule of Events – 2020

Friday, June 19
Drawing inspiration from the Northern Natural world: a workshop on lyrics development and metaphor+ small-scale performance with Brie O’Keefe
7pm-8:30pm – Register here!

Saturday, June 20
IndigiLit Fiction Workshop: drawing inspiration from cultural and territorial traditions and legends and why it’s important as Indigenous peoples to tell our own stories with Catherine Lafferty
2pm-3:30pm – Register here!

Storytelling (on-demand)

Sunday, June 21
Panel Discussion: Using Short Stories and Writing to Reclaim Culture and Tradition
Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair, David Alexander Robertson, Tunchai Redvers, Jamesie Fournier, Catherine Lafferty,
Richard Van Camp
2pm-3:30pm – Register here!

Storytelling (on-demand)

Monday, June 22
Public Poems

Tuesday, June 23
Speaking From the Heart, Journaling and Writing Poetry with Total Honesty
Covering simple to complex poetry (from Haiku to Villanelle), this workshop will help you to record your thoughts and ideas and then crystallize them into one of the many forms of poetry from our times and the past with Leif Gregersen.
6:30pm-8pm – Register here!

Wednesday, June 24
Panel Discussion: Journalist Challenges of Constantly Generating Content
Cécile Antoine-Meyzonnade, Sidney Cohen, Avery Zingel
6:00pm-7:30pm – Register here!

Thursday, June 25
Scriptwriting workshop with Jay Bulckaert and Lindsey McNeill
In similar fashion to the Dead North process, Jay is looking for a maximum of 5 people to bring their scripts to the table (any genre, does not have to be genre aka: horror, sci-fi, fantasy). Participants will read the scripts together and spend about 25 minutes per script deconstructing what works, what doesn’t and what can push it to the next level to be production ready. If you don’t have a script written then coming to the table with a 1 page synopsis is acceptable as well. This workshop is geo-restricted to NWT and registrations are on a first come, first serve basis.
6pm-9pm – Register here!

Q&A Session with Jake Ootes
Jake Ootes will be answering questions following his presentation on his recently published book: Umingmak: Stuart Hodgson and the Birth of Modern Arctic.
6:30-7:30pm – Register here!

Friday, June 26
Panel Discussion: Writing for the Screen
Jay Bulckaert, Jen Walden, Lindsey McNeill
6:00pm-7:30pm – Register here!

Saturday, June 27
Demo & Workshop: In 4 Panels, Try Your Hand at Sequential Storytelling
In this demo and workshop, participants will play at quickly breaking down an anecdote into comic form. No drawing skills required and open to the whole family. For younger participants, it will be necessary to have parental support since this isn’t specifically geared towards children.
with Alison McCreesh
10:30am-11:30am – Register here!

Panel Discussion: Addressing Social Issues Through Literature
Jesse Thistle, David Alexander Robertson, Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair, Tunchai Redvers
2pm-3:30pm – Register here!

Sunday, June 28
Panel Discussion: Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing
Richard Van Camp, Leif Gregersen, Fran Hurcomb, Laurie Sarkadie
2pm-3:30pm – Register here!

In addition to the live workshops and panels, a prerecorded video reading will be released each day of the festival

Thank you for your support!